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We are SILENT workers, but we can make your business GO LOUD.

Ninjas are specially-skilled warriors usually called upon to carry out special missions.
We’d like to think of ourselves as just like that–special combatants on a mission to help your business succeed in the special arena that is Digital.
We strive to embody positive ninja characteristics in every mission:
Zen-like calm
Zen-like calm
The sense of being in the moment, relaxed and focused on the task at hand.
The intense will to accomplish the mission in the face of challenges.
We do not shy away from tools that can help do the job faster and better.
Being a small team means we understand and deliver the job quickly.
We do whatever it takes to finish the job, even applying non-traditional yet still only ethical practices.
Every move we make is a deliberate action towards the mission’s success.


We are a digital marketing team in the Philippines specializing in SEO, website development, and content marketing.
Our mission is to help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines and all over the world realize their full potential through the use of digital platforms and technologies.


SEO & Copywriting Ninja
With 20+ years of experience in corporate IT/Software development and team management, Jane would ultimately decide to take on the path less traveled and venture on her own, as fate would have it. Finding herself excitedly lost in the big expanse of digital marketing and enjoying the welcome benefits of the freelancing life, she never looked back.

If she’s not working on a project or completing an online course, you might find her racking up on movie marathons, cozying up to a book, or devouring whatever reading material she can get her hands on, online or offline. She still dreams of traveling the world of her own volition. For now, the journeys she embarks on her books and on her mind shall suffice.
SEO Consultant Philippines Jane Obenza
Tech & Design Ninja JJ Obenza


Tech & Design Ninja
Armed with a degree in Computer Science, JJ tried a few jobs in the BPO industry, thankfully realizing early on that he was not cut out for the 9-5 life. With the encouragement and support of family, he did the next best thing–go into business as a freelancer. With his tech background, the digital world was a no-brainer, where he’s able to practice what he loves to do while getting paid–creating, designing, and tinkering with technical stuff that may otherwise be too much for mere mortals.

When he’s not working or busy with his six dogs, JJ is a big online gamer and spends most of his time playing with online friends, working on his ranks. His ultimate dream? You guessed it–to be a pro gamer!


Blog & Social Media Ninja
A Physical Sciences major, Clarise’s journey into the digital marketing world through a friend is a discovery that’s both unexpected and meaningful.

“Everything is constantly expanding, which is my favorite aspect of it. It's a great industry where you can shape yourself and hone skills that can help others, and of course, you'll feel a sense of achievement as you gradually grow and learn new things.”

With her English writing prowess, Clarise writes stories in her spare time and reads novels from different ebook platforms. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to squeeze in some binge-watching of her favorite anime, KDramas, and movies. Like the heroines in her stories, Clarise dreams of being successful, especially for her loved ones. And we bet she’ll get there!

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