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Who Are We

We are a team of independent freelancers.

We've worked for several years for a lot of enterprises, both big and small, and left because we felt we could do better if given the autonomy to work for ourselves. With our professional background in IT, we believe we can apply our wealth of experiences to help our clients face the challenges of a digital landscape. Providing high-quality work and over-delivering are at the core of our values.

Size matters.

We're small and we like it, and we intend to keep it that way. Being small means we can deliver projects quickly, and dedicate all our attention to you. No red tape, just effective, successful projects implemented fast.

We believe in win-win.

We will not sell you anything just to take your money. We’ll give you an honest assessment on what you need and what it will cost. We will recommend strategies based on what we believe will work for you, and we like long-term partnerships. Plus, we’re nice, too.

If you have the slightest feeling that you might LIKE us, send us a message or request a project consult by clicking the buttons below.

Who knows...you might even come to LOVE us! 😍
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